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The power of a profile

Looking at the mountains

Already over 50 people have joined in the community.

It’s a new spin on the job board concept where, contrary to a job board, the information being conveyed here has to do with employment but it’s all members who can be proactive and participate.

For this to work, everybody has to put in the effort.

First thing, become a member (the easy part, I guess).

Then, make your profile inviting, informative and engaging. You figure out how to achieve that. Be the creative being you already know you are!

Employers can post jobs and talk about upcoming projects.

Workers can promote their talent, qualifications and current or upcoming availability.

You see how this can play a role in your job market-centric information research, management and participation.

With, I’m trying something new.

For this to work, of course, any “spammer” will be swiftly suppressed (not “censored” but outright suppressed) and then banned, for life. So be sure to play nice and be the wonderful person you are (and not a spammer, in any way, shape or form).

So there you go, is now this kind of work in progress and let’s be part of what it becomes.

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