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What if a social network was what your job search needed?


If you’re into your very own job search, right now, you already know it’s a full-time job.

Furthermore, the temptation to spend time in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is such that you might end your day without meeting your job search targets. It’s a problem because wasting time isn’t exactly an option if you need to pay upcoming bills and your next paycheck isn’t yet secured.

In comes social networking… for the sole purpose of helping you with your job search. LinkedIn is into that but it’s a huge untapped market, out there and is jumping in.

Starting as a North American-centric job-related social network, in our connected world, it’ll quickly expand beyond that.

This being said, we’ll be encouraging workers who sign-up with us to respect a more Western World view of things, meaning equal opportunity and mutual respect, between members. The basic stuff we believe pretty much everybody can agree on. is still being built but hey, you’re welcome to join right now!

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