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Being social just makes sense

People talking

As a worker, wether you have a job or are looking for one, being social just makes so much more sense than not being so.

And you don’t have to be social with employers only since being social, by nature, is way more powerful when it’s universal.

As such, workers may find it amazingly more productive to maintain social exchanges with other workers. Why? Well, think about the insight other workers can bring to your view on the employment market. For that alone, being social is truly the way to go.

Furthermore, being social with other workers becomes sort of a general practice for the moments you’ll have to make positive (and lasting) impressions on employers.

Being social is therefore good, all around. Especially in the context of searching for your next job.

As we progress into this job-centric social network, we figure how to tweak things so they become as engaging as possible, for all parties, starting with the job seekers.

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